Varkon application developers manual


Ini-files are used by Varkon to initialize various system parameters and values during startup (in the X-windows community such things are called "resources"). The standard Varkon distribution includes a default ini-file but you can also create an application specific ini-file with settings that will override the default values. The way to do that is to edit the line that starts the Varkon executable in the Varkon start script located in $VARKON_ROOT/com/english (or $VARKON_ROOT/com/swedish). Read the comments in the startscript for details.

If you use an application specific ini-file, be sure to keep it somwhere where it will not be affected if the Varkon system is updated to a new release. A natural place to keep an application specific ini-file is together with the application module library. This will make it easy to package the application and install it somewhere else.

See the default ini-file in $VARKON_ROOT/cnf/ini/english (or $VARKON_ROOT/cnf/ini/swedish) for more information on available system parameters and values (resources). Logo

Varkon 1.19D svn # 120M