Varkon application developers manual

Start scripts

Varkon can only be started by executing a start script that sets up an environment for Varkon to function properly. The default start scripts in the Varkon distribution are located in $VARKON_ROOT/com/english and $VARKON_ROOT/com/swedish.

If you develop an application with specific needs you can use an individual start script for that application. Make a copy of the default start script, edit it to suit your needs, then store it with the rest of the application files and use it to start the application.

The things you might want to change in the start script are environment variables that point to the menus to be used, the module librarie(s) or the documentation. You may also want to edit the line that starts the Varkon executable and supply application specific parameters like the default job directory or an application specific ini-file. See the startscript section in the System administrators manual for more information. Logo

Varkon 1.19D svn # 120M